About Jeff's Removal & Recycling in South Shore and Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Jeff's Removal & Recycling Co. has been recycling vehicles on the South Shore since 1989. As the go-to Junk Car Removal in South Shore in Cape Cod, we are the best option for a fast and professional option for anyone wanting to remove the junk car from their property! Get paid cash for your Junk Car or Truck today! Please call to arrange a pick up today, and start using that parking space again.

We Also Sell...

  • Used Auto Parts for Cars and Trucks
  • Used Tires
  • Used Wheels and Rims
Crane picking up car - Junk Truck Removal in Hanover, MA

Our Other Hauling Services We Charge For:

  • Hauling Machinery such as Forklifts, Bobcats, Etc.
  • Campers, RV's, and Boat Removal

Our Primary Focus is on Buying and Selling:

  • Junk Cars
  • Junk Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Used Vehicles

There is a fee to haul for:

  • Campers
  • RV's